The riDICKulous game where the biggest bottoms finish on top

"The Dick Sits" is the most outrageous card game you'll ever play! Get ready to embark on a horny and insatiable quest as a BUTT, aiming to sit on DICKS and become the ultimate dick conqueror. The goal of the game is to sit on the most dicks by stretching your hole to the maximum.

Edging for a Bonus?

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Play with Ease Among Casual Gamers and Non-Gamers

Are you tired of unsuccessful attempts to get your friends and family to play board games? Look no further! "The Dick Sits" is designed to be easily understood and enjoyed by all, without the need for lengthy explanations that often lead to disinterest.

The Artwork: A Visual Delight for Your Gaming Pleasure

The humorous and intriguing artwork draws players into the game world, ensuring excitement at every turn.

The cute and cartoony artwork complements the gameplay, creating a visually appealing and immersive experience.

Explore the hidden connections between the artwork, background, and gameplay elements as you play.


Embrace the Unexpected with the naughtiest theme you've ever seen

Unleash the unexpected with a game that adds a touch of playful, raunchy humor to your gaming nights.

Break away from traditional game themes with a playful take on sexual humor that is both respectful and entertaining.

The game's focus on humor and roleplay appeals to a wide audience, providing a refreshing change from the norm.

A Party Favorite: Quick, Engaging Gameplay for Every Occasion

Keep the party going with a fast-paced, entertaining card game that's perfect for any gathering.

Enjoy a game that can be played in just 15-25 minutes, keeping the energy high and the fun flowing.

With simple mechanics and no player elimination, "The Dick Sits" ensures everyone stays involved and entertained throughout the game.


Edging for a Bonus?

We're Launching Soon. Get the bonus "bodily functions" expansion by signing up now!